After School Activities

School Tuition

In order to  help the kids to understand the subject better, we initiated tuition classes where we assist in teaching the concepts in a  better way


We believe a good hand is a sign of good thoughts and thus help or assist the kids for better hand writing by teaching the the basics (letter structure)

Art & Crafts

This highly creative art of making crafts from waste products induce creativity in the young minds and the art of recycling the waste 


The world values people through their communication skills and we ensure our chutties do excel in the words and Phonetics with correct pronunciation

Western Dance

Dancing is one art which induces energy and maintain body shape. We teach western dance for the children through our dance master


With proven traditional yoga asanas for healthy body & mind, we teach our kids with easy yoga in order make them healthy & active


We wanted to ensure our students have strong mind with slef defencing skills to face critical situations with confidence and thus Karate 


Originated in the state of Tamil Nadu, We wanted our kids to learn Bharathanatyam which express the Soth Indian religious themes and spiritual ideas


We wanted our students to explore this Tamil Ancient Martial art which boost their self confidence as well as mantain their body efficiently

Drawing / Painting

We wanted our chutties to be Creative and drawing is one art which induces creativity in thier mind. We teach painting, drawing and pencil shading

Why our Activities stand out?

Experienced Staffs

We hire experienced teachers for each individual activity who teach the kids with excellence!


Our school has the complete infrastructure facilities to act as an activity centre to explore these activities

Safe Environment

Our interior & furnitures are designed specifically for chutties such that it is completely safe to play and learn

Reasonable Fees

We are very reasonable when comes to the fees part as we wanted all children to learn and grow!

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